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"For years we have enjoyed a timely and transparent service, a hands on approach on each shipment and for these reasonswe look forward to continue as such for many years to come."


—  Loukas Spiliotopoulos. 


Below you will find a guide price list for our FBA Prep services

Barcode Labeling                                                             30p + VAT per unit          

FBA Outer Box Labeling                                                   30p + VAT per unit

Suffocation sticker                                                           10p + VAT per unit

Poly Bagging                                                                     25p + VAT per unit
Bubble Wrapping                                                              20p per unit + VAT


Reworking                                                                        POA
(Changing plugs/inserting instructions/adding/removing items)


We offer the following sized cartons and will repack your goods in the most economical way for delivery into Amazon.

Double walled Stock cartons

36 x 36 x 36cm                                                                   £1.04 + VAT
46 x 46 x 46cm                                                                   £1.76 + VAT
61 x 61 x 61cm                                                                   £2.84 + VAT
61 x 46 x 46cm                                                                   £2.64 + VAT
58 x 38 x 34cm                                                                   £1.54 + VAT


Box Filling is provided free of charge – if required

Repacking of item                                                              15p + VAT per unit

Receiving/Returns Service

Receive Pallet                                                                     £2.50 + VAT per pallet
(Inclusive of scan and email report)
Receive carton                                                                    50p + VAT per carton
(Inclusive of scan and email report)
Inspection                                                                            £1.25 + VAT

Delivery Charges            

Amazon partnered UPS deliveries will be charged as a handling fee of £1.25 per carton.

Express Courier Service

Yodel 24                                                                              £5.30 + VAT per parcel (up to 23 KGS)
Yodel 48                                                                              £4.95 + VAT per parcel (up to 23 KGS)

DPD – Next Day                                                                  £6.00 + VAT per parcel (up to 23 KGS)

TNT – Next Day                                                                   £6.00 + VAT per parcel (up to 23 KGS)

FBM and B2C Dispatch

We can pick and dispatch goods from our facility to service FBM and also your sales from other platforms.
This service includes a pick fee – depending on item weight and dispatch fee, dependent on carrier and service.

Please email and we will send you live rates.

Palletised rates

We can deliver your goods into Amazon UK using a pallet network.
Delivery within 3 – 5 working days

Pallet sizes up to 120 x 100 x 180cm

Pallet     120cm x 100cm                                                  £5.00 + VAT per pallet
Palletisation                                                                       £2.50 + VAT per pallet
Load Fee                                                                             £2.50 + VAT per pallet

Please contact us for pallet delivery rates

All Pallets prepped as per Amazon standards

For Full loads (24/26 x Pallets) we can send vehicles directly into required depot.


We can store inventory at our facility on a log or short term basis.

Storage rate £0.485 per CBM per day

Container Unloading

20’                          £240 + VAT
40’                          £280 + VAT
40’ HQ/45’             £300 + VAT

Bespoke Requirements

We are able to tailor services to meet our clients requirements, please contact us to discuss in more detail.