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Price List

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Palletised rates

We can deliver your goods into Amazon UK using a pallet network.
Delivery within 3 – 5 working days

Pallet sizes up to
120 x 100 x 180cm

  • Pallet    120cm x 100cm                  £8.50 + VAT per pallet

  • Palletisation                                      £3.00 + VAT per pallet

  • Load Fee                                            £3.00 + VAT per pallet

Please contact us for pallet delivery rates

All Pallets prepped as per Amazon standards

For Full loads (24/26 x Pallets) we can send vehicles directly into required depot.

Guide price list for our FBA Prep services

  • Barcode Labelling                                          40p + VAT per unit          

  • FBA Outer Box Labelling                               40p + VAT per unit

  • Suffocation sticker                                         15p + VAT per unit

  • Poly Bagging                                                    25p + VAT per unit

  • Bubble Wrapping                                            30p + VAT per unit

  • Reworking                                                        POA
    (Changing plugs/inserting instructions/adding/removing items)

    We also offer bespoke & specialised packaging for fragile items - such as
    inflatable air packaging


We offer the following sized cartons and will repack your goods in the most economical way for delivery into Amazon.

Double walled Stock cartons

  • 36 x 36 x 36cm                                £1.26 + VAT

  • 46 x 46 x 46cm                                £2.20 + VAT

  • 61 x 61 x 61cm                                £3.40 + VAT

  • 61 x 46 x 46cm                                £3.18 + VAT

  • 58 x 38 x 34cm                                £1.84 + VAT

Box Filling is provided free of charge – if required

  • Repacking of item                            15p + VAT per unit
    (if relabelling is not required)

  • Receiving/Returns Service

  • Receive Pallet                                    £4.00 + VAT per pallet
    (Inclusive of scan, count and email report)

  • Receive carton                                  50p + VAT per carton
    (Inclusive of scan and email report)

  • Inspection                                          £1.25 + VAT

  • Delivery Charges            

Amazon partnered UPS deliveries will be charged as a handling fee of £1.50 per carton.


Express Courier Service

  • Yodel 24                                            £5.30 + VAT per parcel (up to 23 KGS)

  • Yodel 48                                            £4.95 + VAT per parcel (up to 23 KGS)

  • DPD – Next Day                                £7.25 + VAT per parcel (up to 23 KGS)
    Royal Mail also available for smaller products - under 2kg


We can store inventory at our facility on a long or short term basis.
Storage rate £0.55
 per CBM per day


“This was the first time I had used a prepping service and they made the whole process super easy and stress-free. Highly recommend!”​

" Richard Killer.


"For years we have enjoyed a timely and transparent service, a hands on approach on each shipment and for these reasonswe look forward to continue as such for many years to come."

—  Loukas Spiliotopoulos. 


“Great service, very easy to communicate and will use again for sure.
I would personally recommend!.”​

—  Arnold Buszmicz. Lautech Ltd

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