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Top 10 Amazon FBA Prep - most common questions we are asked.

Common Amazon FBA Prep and forwarding questions.

So you maybe at the crossroads of deciding if it is time to use a prep centre or checking out other possible suppliers to trust with your inventory?

We find prospective clients generally have similar questions in mind to assist them select the best 'fit' for their needs. Some clients prefer minimal contact and follow our system entirely, this can be because they are on a different time zone or building their business while still in employment. Others like follow the process a lot more closely and communicate with us by phone and whats app/email on a daily basis, this is very important at the early stages of a partnership as clients needs to know that their goods are in safe hands, being prepared as required and on schedule. Whichever way suits the customer, suits us!

So, in case you have one of our top ten questions that you need answered, we have listed them below, to inform you prior to taking your next steps. If you are looking for a supplier and partnership in the UK with Kings Park, then the following information could be relevant: 1. Do you currently have storage available? Yes, we work out of 3 facilities and currently have availability for both FBA Prep and FBA storage clients.

2.Do you charge any subscription fees? No, we have never charge a sign up or subscription fee for customers to use our service. \we do, however, have a minimum order level of £50 for prep services. This would equate to around 150 units relabelled. 3. Where do we send our goods to? Once your account is set up and you have your log in details, your goods would be sent too the following address: ((YOUR NAME)) FBA Prep Kings Park Fulfillment Pebmarsh Essex. CO9 2NY

4. What is your turnaround time? For FBA transfers, we pick most orders the same day if added to system before 10am. Within 24 hours, you goods will be processed through the system and passed over to couriers or hauliers. For FBA prep. As soon as orders are raised on the system, the order is received by the team. Most standard orders are processed and completed within 24-48 hours. Based on Monday to Friday. For Amazon Removal Orders - timings will depend how fast Amazon can ship the complete order to us. 5. What happens if my goods are lost or damaged? Although extremely rare, if goods are lost and damaged within our facility, we will reimburse you the full cost value. If goods are lost in transit, the haulier or courier will be responsible for the loss, if this is a service we have arranged for you, we will liaise with the supplier to oversee your claim. Details are on our terms of service and can be found below.

Terms of service
Download PDF • 96KB

. 6. How do I communicate with you? We are available on phone and email. For live jobs, you can communicate directly with your relevant team via your dedicated whats app group. You can also communicate via the system and attached instructions to your current jobs.

7.How do I know when my goods are arrived? Once goods have arrived, they will be received into the facility, photographed, counted and added to your inventory on system. The live inventory can be viewed 24 hours a day via our web based system.

How do I know when my goods are ready? When FBA plans are completed, the team will photograph and scan out of the facility, you will be able to see via the system that the goods have been completed. If any further information is needed from you, the team will communicate this via the system or will email/whats app you within the group.

8.How do I know what the box weights and dimensions will be for my shipment? The team will prepare a packing list for your goods and will upload this to the system. This will show all quantities/SKU/carton sizes and weights and any sell by dates. This is everything you will require to process your shipment in seller central and upload the FBA labels back onto our system so we can dispatch.

9. Will you access my seller central account?

No, for security reasons we do not offer this service and will not login to clients accounts.

10. Can I visit the warehouse to meet the team and discuss before I make a decision? Of course! Visitors are always welcome. Happy to meet and discuss potential partnerships.

Email us to make an appointment

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